How much should I spend on Security?

What would it cost me in case of breach or being hacked my confidential information? What is the potential risk to my business?

How much is too much? Is my security adequate? - Often businesses struggle with these questions why my IT security expenditures is growing and what if I reduce the cost what risk it poses if get hacked. Who will help me to make informed decision. The three dynamics of the puzzle is: Costs, Risks, and Benefits. Today businesses are more dependent on technologies than ever and the ever-changing technologies throws business at risk. It brings new vulnerabilities and threats which ultimately challenges smooth operations of your business.

You as a top executive or an owner of small and Medium business, need to be able to measure the risks and benefits of IT security to gauge the right amount of investment. If you’re an IT security professional, you need to be able to make a solid business case for hiring more staff and buying new technology. Our consultants assist you making you understand the current trend and help you make informed decision aligning with your business goals. Our consultant will help you answer many of these difficult questions.

You will also get insight on how to measure risks and the performance of your IT security initiatives, so that you can evaluate the role that data security plays in your own organization, and the potential impact of future threats.

Cybersecurity is more than a technology issue, it’s a critical business risk and one of the leading and growing business threats in the world. Our clients can be assured they will receive the same level of commitment and will benefit from our experts with rich experience gained form multiple industry verticals. As part of NRICH CLOUD, we will continue to deliver value-added services to our clients by leveraging our consultants’ expertise in many disciplines.

What we do:

NRICH CLOUD is new comer in the cloud arena. However, our founders bring in 85 man-years of experience in consulting, professional services, cloud & managed security services and solutions. We have certified professionals offers PCI Security Assessment, PCI Compliance Consulting, Risk Assessment and Remediation Consulting in addition to the following:

  • Could transformation Services

  • IT Hardware and Software solution optimization and recommendation

  • Network Optimization and Security Monitoring

  • IT Project Management

  • Implementation & Training Assistance


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